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I feel grateful to be a part of a ministry that makes finding a wedding officiant or wedding minister easier for brides and grooms (you'll only hear from officiants who match what you tell us you'd like). PLUS our finder service is free. You can start me assisting you now or learn more, below. Wishing you both continued good everything! Paul

IF you see your ceremony city listed below, click HERE. If not, we are unable to assist you right now.

CALIFORNIA: Northern: All San Francisco Bay including Oakland, Freemont, San Mateo, Carmel, Santa Clara to San Jose,; Southern: Los Angeles to San Diego, San Bernardino, Orange & Riverside counties CA.
ARIZONA: Phoenix, Prescott, Tucson AZ.
MINNESOTA: All Twin Cities: Minneapolis & St Paul MN.
ILLINOIS: All counties Chicago IL to Milwaukee WI. + S. & Central Il
MISSOURI: St. Louis.
WISCONSIN Milwaukee and close Illinois.
TEXAS: Austin TX.
NEW YORK CITY AREA: NYC, Nassau, Suffolk Long Island, N. New Jersey.
PENNSYLVANIA: Philadelphia and close Delaware.
VIRGINA, D.C., MARYLAND: Baltimore to DC + N. VA + Richmond.
GEORGIA: Atlanta GA.
FLORIDA: Miami to Boca Raton + West Central FL

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all you have to do is interview them to see if the chemistry is there, if you like them.

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Make it easier for couples and officiants to find their matches.

You have wedding officiant or wedding minister candidates already verified matched to the form you sent us.

Having the opportunity to contact couples already matched to their officiant type, background and experience which, like for you, makes the process much simpler and more relaxed.

Check the above city list to see if we have a wedding minister or wedding officiant in your area..

What to Ask Prospective Wedding Minister/Officiant Candidates?
All About The Wedding Minister Officiant Fee.

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Why Don't We See A List Of Officiants or Ministers?
Because, we have learned that lists of all ministers and officiants are typically too general and too long. Couples find it easier to have an officiant wedding minister contact them that has passed some screening. Actually, with us, they will pass both the muster of our professional criteria (experience, positive congenial attitude and flexibility) and the muster of the couple's ceremony requirements (from the Form sent us; e.g., if you want a religious officiant, we're not going to offer a civil officiant choice. If you want a woman, a man won't call).

How Much is The Wedding Officiant Fee?
Each associate is an independent and runs their own affairs including setting their fee and what's included in it. When our associate 1st calls you, he/she will tell you the fee and all that's included so you can compare apples with apples. Much more on our Fee Page.

Can a Wedding Minister Professionally Officiate a Non-Religious Wedding Ceremony, and vice versa?
Actually they can. Think of it as one's Title v. Who they are. We have officiant-wedding ministers who regularly (and beautifully) officiate purely civil, non religious ceremonies. This means that it's the officiant's perspective and attitude (who they are) that determines what a couple receives, not their title. It's what's inside their book (their experience, know-how and attitude), not necessarily what's on the cover. And, too, we realize that for some couples and families the officiant 's title is in fact very important. We do understand this and will do our best to find you the 'title' you need (see 'Musts' on our Form).

What Does 'Wedding Officiant' Actually Mean?
For most jurisdictions, the word "officiant" is a catch-all wedding marriage industry word for anyone legally-able to officiate a wedding marriage ceremony. This includes any marriage clergy, any wedding minister, all wedding pastors, officiates, officials, reverends, any civil non-religious ceremony officiant including minister officiants, i.e, no wedding officiants or wedding ministers who can "legally" officiate a wedding marriage in the jurisdiction involved would be excluded from this definition.

In Summary . . .
Marriage Officiant Types Are: every wedding minister - all wedding ministers, every civil wedding officiant - all non-religious wedding officiants i.e., all types.

Our Marriage Ceremony Types Are: all religions, all civil -non-religious, all seniors, unions, all ethnic, all multi cultural, spiritual, vow renewals and blessings. i.e., all couples.

Note to Officiants & Ministers Interested In Associating:
Are you flexible, known to be good-to-work-with, and committed to serving couples in a way that gives them the ceremony they want (couples are the CEOs of their ceremony,not you)? If so, email me.of your interest. NOTE: ministers, clergy, pastors, officiates, officials and civil officiants of all color, all ethnic, all cultural and all religious denominations are most welcome! AND it doesn't matter that we already have wedding clergy ministers or civil marriage officiants in your area, because our matching technique requires a variety of officiant minister uniquenesses in order to work well. I look forward to hearing about your uniqueness. Thank You, Paul.

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"Nowhere anywhere in the wedding world
is anything more beautiful than a ceremony that
is what the bride and groom wants and loves."

With Care, Paul Michael

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